Friday, 15 April 2011

Friday Top Five - Blogs

When I first dove in to the blog-jungle a bit over a year or so ago (I know, late bloomer) I was amazed to find that there were so many creative and enterprising people out there, doing their thing and wanting to share it. I now read blogs to get inspiration every day - for what to cook for dinner, what shoes to buy, what music to put on my spotfy playlist and last but definitely not least - inspiration to be creative, whether it's by painting a table, taking even more photos or sew a skirt. At the same time you feel you get to know that person writing. A big bonus. So to all my friends who I know are a little sceptical about my new found blog-infatuation - check this out:

The first blog I ever started to read, after surfing homepage for some reason. This is a great source of inspiration when it comes to for example vintage fashion and nice places to go if you're visiting Stockholm. Elsa showed me that bloggers could be awesome people and crushed the preconceptions I had. It's always a joy to read her blog and look at her colourful pictures.

Awesomeness. A somewhat crazy, well-made and creative blog that can put a smile on my face on the most grey of days with a mixture of humour, integrity and self-distance - all rolled up in a pretty vintage dress and with a bow on top. Karin blogs about pretty much everything, it's hard to put a theme on it, which is just perfect since real people are hard to label. A person to admire and a blog to enjoy. And there are cats. Yeey!

Impeccable style and close to magic thrifting skills on display. The guy behind this do-it-yourself blog is the amazingly creative Daniel. In a hilarious and yet educational way he describes for example how to refurbish a tiny bathroom or how to restore a second hand Eames chair. The blog always makes me wish I owned my apartment so that I could paint and rebuild it - or that I had the guts to do it even if I just rent, (like he does). Oh, and if it wasn't for him, I'd never known about Marcel. And how sad had life been then?


I read a bunch of fashion/daily-outfits blogs regularly, but this is my favourite among them. A lot of dresses, patterns and lovely shoes in creative combinations. Rebecca always find lovely locations to take her pictures - which makes it so much more inspiring and unique. If I could marry the content of her wardrobe I think we'd live a long and happy life together. Through her I discovered the web-shop Ruche where I bought these two.

Malin is a very talented artist that with drawings and photos brings the most amazing stories to mind. I often get inspired to pick a pen and paper up after reading one of her posts. And reading her blog makes me realise that I'm not the only girl over the age of 12 that wishes life was a fairy tale with a bit more magic in it.

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  1. Men vad du är gullig! Tack så hemskt mycket. Du gjorde mig alldeles varm i magen. Kram!