Friday, 29 April 2011

Friday Top Five - Fictional Friends

This weeks list is a spin-off to a question I asked Karin over at Karins Konstgrepp a while ago  - "if you could be a fictional character who would you like to be?" Read her answer here, along with a bunch of other people's great ideas.
Anyway. I'm not going in to detail who I'd like to be reborn as, ( but it would be Buffy or Gandalf ) that is another story (and pretty long ones, 7 seasons, 4+ books) but today I'm listing 5 fictional charachters I'd like to have as my friends. To narrow it down a bit I decided to foucus on characters from TV-series, and maybe come back to books and films later on...
Just imagine hanging out with this gang on the balcony on a sunny Friday afternoon. Having pizza, talking about physics, Wicca, murders, medicine and gossip ourselves blue in-between. Leonard and Dr Wilson would go along great after a tentative start, Ellie would pick on Willow and try to get Angel to fix her speeding tickets. Angel would be very flattered by the attention and Willow would put a spell on Ellie. And after a couple of glasses of wine Willow and Leonard would have very deep discussions about the meaning of life. Then we'd all play Dance Dance Revolution on my X-box and Wilson would win.

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