Wednesday, 6 April 2011

if bored:

If you're home alone and a bit bored - here's a list of things to do to keep yourself occupied and your spirits up:
  • Practice dance-moves in front of the mirror to all of your favourite happy-songs
  • Re-organize the home-office
  • Plan tomorrows work-outfit around a favourite dress
  • write blog-posts
  • google your own name
I can - based on personal experience - assure you that these simple steps really help.
And I'm sure that A will appreciate that all of his books from university are now colour coordinated. Who knew so many books about mathematics were yellow?
This is one of only two pictures of myself (phew!) that I found while googleing my name. Oh, the good old days...


  1. Ha ha! Där är allt några jag känner igen :) Kram