Saturday, 9 April 2011

Oslo half-weekend

On Friday I left work a bit early to catch a flight to Oslo to spend some time with Mom. After a completely awful flight (I talked to some flight attendants today who said yesterday had been exceptionally bad when it comes to turbulence) we had a really nice evening walking around in the city centre, eating a great dinner and then having a drink at the hotel. Though it was quite windy (hence the turbulence) the spring sun really made the capital come to life and there were loads of people on the streets.

Aakers festning.

"(s)laughter" - seems to be an interesting exhibition at the Nobel Peace Centre. Anyone seen it?
We had chicken stuffed with brie at Jacob Aall... nom nom
On the way back to the hotell I had this years first ice-cream! Pear popsicle. And we listened to a street musician playing this song. Niiice

Cosmopolitans at the hotel. Pretty.

Today we woke up to a clear blue sky and warming sunshine. After a long and big breakfast we went out for a walk. Our goal was the Munch museum, but on our way we did some shopping and found a huge flea-market under a bridge in Grönland. After the museum we had lunch on a parc-bench and then it was time to say good-bye for this time.

most important meal of the day?
a flea market! Hooray!
I stared for a while at this pretty tableware, but unfortunately it'd been a bit hard to fit in my luggage..
The Munch museum had almost as high security as Gardemoen airport. I like his art a lot though.
 Munch - The Murderer
Munch - The kiss, woodcut. One of my favourites
At the café at the museum I had my first ever macrons. I've realised these are the most trendy pastries right now, so I had to try. And I liked it. Mine was chocolate-flavoured.
Karl Johans gate - Warm and sunny
Pizza-wrap - Warm and spicy

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