Sunday, 24 April 2011

out and a boat...

OK, so the title was supposed to be clever and/or funny. For your information.
I've just come back from a 2 day (1,5 really) kayak and camping tour with A. I think that my balance is still a bit unsteady from staring at waves for so and so many hours in a row, because I keep making the stupidest type-o's. Anyway, this is what we've been up to.
Yesterday we packed a lot of necessary things (and as we later came to realise - missed to pack some very necessary things, like cutlery, plates and any kind of object that could have entertaining value, like books, a deck of cards etcetera) and took the ferry to the island where the parents to my friend K live. My friend and her dad have two sea-kayaks and had - since they are such nice people - offered to lend them to us for our little trip. So we stuffed all of our gear (not including cutlery, plates or books) into the kayaks and were off!

After an hour or so we figured it was time for lunch so we hauled the kayak on to a shore and the primus stove from the bag and made noodles. And realised that it's a bit tricky to eat noodle-soup without a spoon.

yes - I'm eating with a stick
Then we continued for I guess about three hours under a clear blue sky, on a relatively calm sea and with warm winds in our faces. Splendid. We struggled a bit while rounding the east corner of the island Åmöy which was our main goal for the day, but after making a quick stop for some Kvick Lunsj it was all OK again.

And then we started looking for a nice island to camp on. While searching for the perfect camping location there are a few things one should consider. 
  1. Find a place to disembark smoothly without damaging yourself or the kayaks.
  2. Make sure to find a nice FLAT piece of land where you can raise the tent.
  3. Try to find a location not too exposed to wind.
  4. Be sure that said location is not previously inhabited by other people. Or creatures.
OK, so after cruising around in the archipelago west of Åmöy for a while we spotted the perfect place. A sheltered little pebble-beach leading up to a plateau of lush, green grass to camp on. Our aching muscles screamed for some well earned rest so we carried the kayaks up on the beach and statred unpacking and putting on dry clothes. Then I had a little stroke of genius and said to A that we should maybe check the island out before pitching the tent, to see if there were maybe an even better location. Hand in hand we started our little exploration tour in the setting sun. And encountered goats. Looking up from the grass/bark/old shoes they were eating they all stared at us maliciously and their horns gleamed pointedly in the rays of sunlight that was filtered down trough the branches. We decided to try to find a new location.
And we did! This is where we finally spend our night, a calm little island that we pre-checked carefully and found no proof of life other than spiders and birds. The new tent worked out perfectly and was easy to pitch, no hard words were exchanged.

Unfortunately, as I may have mentioned earlier in this post, we had forgotten to bring any kind of entertainment at all, so we were forced to just converse with each other all night. Turns out that wasn't really a problem, but we did end up playing a tense game of Soduku on the emergency-cell phone we had brought, even risking the batteries to run out. It was fun though, I've never played it before. And we did walk along the beach a lot looking at strange little animals that lives in the sea-weed. Very fascinating, actually.

Today the weather did not at all turn out as good as we had hoped for so we cut the day pretty short. Nevertheless we had to struggle through some pretty annoying winds so my body feels like I've run a marathon. Or what it thinks it would feel like to run a marathon - I never have and never never will. I might go out kayaking again pretty soon though, it really is an amazing way to experience nature. Silent and not too strenuous if your lucky with the winds and waves.