Sunday, 10 April 2011

Spring cleaning

Waking up today I felt happier than I have for a long time! Sunlight filtered trhough the blinds and I knew I had a full day of doing what ever I felt like. Yesterday me and T made plans to go plant-shopping at Plantasjen so after a slow breakfast I took my spring-coat out from the closet and jumped on the bus.

garden store all dressed up for Easter
I really, really need this
I love garden shops. I always want to buy everything, and yes, I must admit I might have exeeded my planed limit today as well...
I bought this red dress on Beyond Retro a year or so ago. Love it

 Since I got home I've spend four hours re-planting, sowing and cleaning. I even carried the garden furniture up from the storage room and scrubbed them clean. So now the season of barbecuing, gardening and sun-basking can start! 

...and after!


  1. låter som en prima söndag. lite sol och lite blommor kan allt göra väldigt gott för själen.