Wednesday, 20 April 2011

To the mountains

On Sunday evening A and I decided that we should do a small trip to Bergen, the closest city of some size to our home Stavanger. Bergen is the second largest city in Norway with around 200.000 inhabitants or something like that. So not very huge. Anyway. We booked some tickets and a hotel and early on Monday morning we ere on the ferry! Such a nice way to travel.

Bergen is probably one of the rainier cities in the world, but we got lucky and had extraordinary good weather almost all the time! So we spend some time just hanging out on park-benches. And we did some shopping. And mainly just walked around.

In the evening we had a really good dinner at a restaurant called Smauet. Tasty-tasty. But we got a bit annoyed because the first two restaurants that we called to reserve a table at were closed for Easter. That's stupid according to me.

On Tuesday we woke up to another beautiful day, that we decided should be dedicated to museums. We had the endurance to visit two, and they were both rather interesting.
We started out with the Art Museum. Good stuff. I mostly tend to favour 20th century art (and 15th century if it's Dutch) but it was nice to see some of the Norwegian artists I studied last year when I took art history during my "sabbatical-year" after just moving to Stavanger.

Klee - one of my favourites
Then we continued over to the Museum of Natural History. Always a favourite.

Me in front of the Museum. The green skirt I'm wearing is an old favourite I bough at the Salvation Army's second hand store in Göteborg (Myrornas alltså) many years ago, and the H&M violet-cardigan is a new favourite.
Dead things. Interesting, macabre and a little revolting.
I found a Pangolin! Actually I found several, this one is Chinese. Cute. But dead unfortunately.
The backyard of the museum of Natural History was a botanical garden. How convenient!
 Before spending 5 hours on a bus to get back to Stavanger we enjoyed a nice Italian lunch in the sun. I had tagiatelle with asparagus. Very spring-y.

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