Thursday, 21 April 2011


When I grew up I was quite an active and outdoorsy kind of child. I built tree houses, had "water-wars" (vad heter vattenkrig på engelska?) did all kinds of sports and I very fondly remember the summer I spend a majority of my free time playing with the fluffy sheep grazing in a meadow close to our house. But now, more and more, I find myself growing comfortable and content with the easy apartment life: the couch and the balcony. This needs to change. Fortunately the other half of our household preferences a more active take on spare-time. Today that resulted in a four hour long hike in Höy-Jaeren an hours drive away from Stavanger.

I gor my feet wet. In mud. Yey.

Now I'm tired and happy and I've got a sunburnt nose and shoulders. Sweet.

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