Monday, 30 May 2011

food and such

When I was back home in Sweden a week ago my best friend L gave me a cookbook filled with yummy recipes for cupcakes and cookies. And all the cup-cake baking equipment you need. She's a star, my L. The best thing (almost) about the gift was that it was wrapped in white and red polka-dotted paper and handed over by her wonderful 2,5 year old (is it? already?!) daughter with the words "it's a book!" Love that.
Anyway. Today the baking inspiration fell over me and I tried a recipe. I was baking to the sound of a rather silly cooking-show on TV - fire stjernes middag - where a poor guy forgot to put flour in his brownies. I shook my head in superior condescension and put my chocolate/banana/hazel nut-muffins into the oven. And turned around to discover the whipped eggs that I had forgotten to put  in the mixture... weeeell... I ended up having a nice omelet with feta cheese and rosemary from the "garden" for dinner - and the muffins taste fine. I should know, I've already had three.

After sweating in front of the oven it came as a nice surprise that the annoying cooking-show had ended and instead one of my favourite shows - Top Gear.- had begun. And yay! another favourite was there as a guest - Stephen Fry! That's a pretty nice Monday in my book.

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