Thursday, 19 May 2011

Happy day!

Today's my birthday. Hello 28! The amazing A gave me a really good start of the day with breakfast and gifts in bed. He's just awesome. Coffee, cheese sandwiches, cake and gifts! Big yay! The day proceeded nicely with a good productive day at work with celebratory hugs, high-fives and cake (again!) from my lovely colleagues and now I'm just waiting to head off in to town to have dinner with A at Bölgen & Moi at the Oil Museum.

This is a couple of the gifts I got from A. He managed to buy these things in London without, me noticing it. I love how the books have a "comic-theme"! Roy Lichtenstein is one of my favourite artists and I loved to see a couple of his piece at Tate on Tuesday. And the comic-books are the collected Sin-City stories, which one of my favourites movies is based on. Can't wait to read them! By the way: a London-blog post will come tonight...

On another note. I finally found a frame for my Carl the Teen Wolf-print. It's from Sammy Rose, and I love it. The dress is an old one from Indiska, the hair is new but not as great as I had hoped for (and certainly paid for!) and the hammer I got as a birthday gift from a group of lovely boys when I turned 15. For protection, you know.

The result: I'm happy. And Carl got some company from  Elfride the Elephant's who's got a new coat, as a part of my new porcelain-pimping-hobby.

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  1. Hurra! Vad snyggt det blev. Ni klär verkligen varandra. Tack för det fina inlägget och länkarna.