Sunday, 8 May 2011

I'm turning into a Norwegian...

...slowly but surely, and you can tell by the fact that I now speak a bit funny, eat brown cheese and I go out hiking at every opportunity I get. Yesterday I tagged along when a group of nice people from A's work went for a five hour hike up a mountain called Reinarknuten. First we took the ferry to Tau and from there a 20 minutes taxi-trip and then we ( a group consisting of mostly Norwegians plus one tiny white dog ) begain walking. The weather was great, and the nature along the path beautiful, though a little harder then I had expected. Great though.

the mascot

and here's the final destination - Reinarknuten

everyone made it...
...even me


  1. Wow, jeg er imponert! Du begynner å bli skikkelig norsk nå ja. Ingen andre enn nordmenn forstår vitsen med å klatre rundt i fjellene, og ingen andre enn nordmenn liker brunost. Du har til og med begynt å bli flink i Stavangersk(til og med bygdemål) :)

  2. Norge är så fantastiskt vackert!

  3. Jag åkte visst till Stavanger utan dina tips. Men säg gärna några i alla fall, jag flyttar dit i september :)