Thursday, 26 May 2011

It's Friday tomorrow. That's good.

This evening has just flown by, and I haven't really done anything. I picked my bike up from the shop - yay! and I've made some müsli. That's about as productive as I've been. Now I've got a head-ache and will soon go to bed. I did manage to produce some really tasty dinner for myself though, and the ingredients looked so pretty so I hade to take some pictures. As usuall when it comes to me and food the motto is "the easier the better". This is a simple warm patsa sallad based on ready made tortellinis, boiled sugar peas (is that's really what they're called?) and some other vegetables I had in the fridge. I did not have any olives, that would have been even better. I eat variations of this quite often, as you might have noticed.

see how I created the illusion that the kitchen is tidy? Impressive eeh?

nutritious and colourful. Check!

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