Monday, 30 May 2011

London souvenirs

When we were in London we obviously spend some time shopping. I did not end up spending huge amounts of money, which I'm happy for, but I'm a little bit upset over the fact that three hours of browsing through vintage-shops along Cheshire Street did not result in any purchases. I didn't even find anything at Beyond Retro and that's usually a safe bet. Anyway, here are some things that I actually bought!

flower pot with funny birds on

some postcards from Tate Modern. This one is a de Chirico - love the colours

books! well, half of these are mine. All of the serious books a A's. But I might have a go at "The little book of String Theory", who knows.

At "Frock Me"- vintage fashion fair I bought these tiny pieces of fabric. At least one of the will end up as a sleeping bag for my iPhone. I'm thinking the top one.
And at the fair I also found this lovely dress! It makes me feel like Minnie Mouse and I'm going to wear it on our Midsummers Eve party.

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