Thursday, 19 May 2011

London - a summary

So I had written this really thorough and inspired blog-post, but then it disappeared. Or I only dreamt that I wrote it. But now, as the days just keep going, I've decided to just summarize this awesome trip which is the reason I have not written anything here since last week:

Me and A went to London on Saturday and returned on Tuesday. During 3,5 day we had time to eat various meals with various friends, visit two museums an one Vintage Fair, walk around a lot, do some shopping, feed squirrels in Hyde Park, go to a Comedy Club and I had two really good flying-experiences. Sweet!

Architectural art. I like. At Tate Modern
Street in Camden

Market in Camden
me outside of "Frock Me"- Vintage fair. heavenly.

I bought a lovely red/white polka-dot dress. Made me look like Minnie Mouse
The best book-store in the world- Waterstones. I shop fantasy
emglish breakfast. Nom-nom


me and A at the science museum
what sex is your brain? test at the science museum

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