Wednesday, 25 May 2011


After a long day at work I decided to take the bus to the shopping centre where I have left my bike to be repaired. Yes it's a new bike, and no, I have not even used it yet... anyway. Before going to the bike-shop I ventured into Fretex to see if there were any bargains to be made. I did not find anything but I did find my friend T! So I ended up going to her place for Finnish pirogues andf choco-coffee. And as if that wasn't good enough I also ended up going home with a sunflower and a pot of strawberry-plants, birthday-gifts from T and E&B. Thanks so much to all three of you, you know me so well!

The gift came in exceptionally handy since the far from inspiring wheather these last weeks plus the fact that I have hardly been home has left the balcony in a rather sad state. With the exception of my potato-plant which just keeps growing like crazy.

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