Sunday, 8 May 2011

my kitchen garden

I've mentioned before that I'm aiming for a lot of edible things in my balcony-garden this year, but today I expanded it even more. When I was over at the neighbouring garden centre today I asked if they had any left over plasticpots they wanted to get rid of and I ended up coming home with a huge black one (and a pretty purple aquilegia). I did not have enough soil to fill the pot so A volunteered to go buy some. And here I think it's time I digress a bit to remark upon a very interesting Norwegian phenomenon: In Norway stores are closed on Sundays. Which is a bit weird since it's not in other concerns a country very influenced by religion - at least not as far as I have noticed - but that's not the point I'm making here and in any case I got pretty used to all-closed-Sundays while living in Germany. No, the truly strange thing here is - as the alert reader may have noticed  - I went shopping for plants today. Today which happens to be a Sunday. Because - lo and behold - garden centres are open on Sundays! Even IKEA is Sunday-closed, and the very few super markets that are open have strong regulations for how big they can be etc. I think this says something fascinating about Norwegian lifestyle: on Sundays you should not do any shopping, and you should be such a well organised person so as to have you Sunday dinner planned well in advance. You should on the other hand spend this the last day of the week out-doors, and if you're not going out hiking at least you should work in your garden.Kind of a nice way to live your life, isn't it? Though highly annoying sometimes.

OK, end of digression.
This is what I ended up doing on the balcony: I filled the huge black pot with 40-50 litres of soil, I stuffed three old potatoes from the fridge in there ( I know this is not supposed to work, but I'm experimenting a bit ) and also sowed seeds for cucumber, carrots and tomato. Oh, and as we had salad for lunch I stuffed some seeds from a red bell pepper and a avocado stone in there just to see what - if anything - will happen. This is the end result and I'm really exciting to see if this will have any fruitful results. Pun intended.

Now we're off to have Sunday-dinner at Mogul India, and then we're going to the movies. Have a nice evening!

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