Tuesday, 14 June 2011


If I turn my head 45 degrees from where it is positioned right now this is what I see.

This is the tiny triangular-shaped (I know - stupid) closet where we keep clothes. And some shoes. And a aerial-photo over Göteborg. I miss Göteborg. And no, not only because summer has yet to arrive in Stavanger. I miss drinking coffee in Haga, having pick-nicks in Slottskogen, walking home to Guldheden at night and I miss all the nice poeple. I miss spårvagnar. I miss kebabpizza.
This summer I'll spend two days in this lovely city, in between a ten day long Spain-excursion and a week long cabin-vacation in Strömstad.
Now I'm off to soccer-practise! That feels rather Swedish.


  1. Göteborg misses you too!
    Får man chansen att träffa dig i sommar? Antingen i Gbg el i Strömstad (=nära landet om jag är där samtidigt)?

  2. Klart att vi får till en dejt när jag är i Strömstad! ett måste juh!