Saturday, 4 June 2011

early bird

Yesterday we were invited to O's place for a BBQ. It was a perfect summer evening and we had a great time with a group of lovely people. Today, however I'm tired. For two reasons: Firstly: along with tasty food I had a some tasty wine yesterday. Secondly: even though it's Saturday I woke up at seven. And got up and cleaned a bit. Because our landlord came here at 8 to clean the deck on our balcony. Which is so great! I so look forward to the finished result. Right now all the stuff I had out there is creating a bit of a traffic jam in the living-room, though. Well well.

I have no real plans for today, I might just take a walk in to town to buy some canvases because I feel like painting. But right now I'm going to snuggle up in the couch with a good book and a cup of tea until I feel a bit more awake. I like lazy weekends.

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