Tuesday, 21 June 2011

look out!

Well...  five minutes after complaining about my shopping habits I go and buy and new pair of glasses on LensWay. I was only going in there to buy new contact lenses, and see what happens! I'm a mess... To my defence I can only say that I actually need a new pair, but since I bought three pair last year, I guess this is only the start of the eye-wear shopping season of 2011. Some people think I'm crazy to buy glasses online without first trying them on. Thing is, when I'm trying on glasses in real life I can never decide. And I mean never - before buying the three new ones online last year I had not bought anew pair for 7 years! And for five of those 7 years i was seriously looking for a new pair. I just go in to the stores, and try and try and feel bad. Now I buy a pair or two - much cheaper than at a real-life-store - and I have not been disappointed yet. True, I have not been overwhelmed either, but at least I got glasses that are updated to my present visual defect. This is what I bought this time, can't wait to see if they fit!

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