Sunday, 19 June 2011

the perfect saturday

My saturday was a great mix of all that is nice in life. I started out feeling a bit slow after being out dancing on friday night, but after meeting up with E at the local flea market I definetly perked up!

E found some really great things. I browsed around and found a couple of cool items, like this awesome toaster:

This bag made out of an armadillo was just too macabre for me. Poor beast. Armadillos are so fabulous.In the end I just bought a very pretty necklace that I'll show in another post.
After the flea market we had brunch at Deja Vu and then we did some shopping. I picked up some real bargains at the sale at Monki. Then we headed off to the vegetable market. That's a very photogenic place!

I ended this very nice Saturday by going to the cinema with A and a group of friends. We saw the latest X-men movie, and as a Marvel-fan I obviously liked it. Great day!