Monday, 29 August 2011

hallway detail

Remember this little project I did a while back? I was never a 100% happy with the fabric, so I finally decided to change it. This time I'm maybe 95% happy with it, mostly because I think it is such a cute fabric, but maybe it's not the perfect fit for the colour of the wood. Anyhow. The fabric is another one from IKEA, designed by Kristine Mandsberg.

As you can see I did not remiovie the old fabric underneath... I have two very good reasons for this.
1. I think that the organic shapes shining through actually adds something extra to the design placed on top
2. I'm lazy

I've discovered the convenience with having a stool in the hallway. To sit on and tie my laces, or to pile the mail on after coming home from work. It also serves as a nice distraction for the awful radiator...

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