Sunday, 14 August 2011

Jæren art

Me and K drove all the way out to Jæren today to visit the old vicarage in Hå and see an art exhibition she had heard good stuff about.

The old vicerage

Beili Liu, "Recall"

Beili Liu,

Kumi Machida

Kumi Machida


And of course there had to be some "fika"

We wondered what this pretty girl had done to deserve this cruel jewellery

Over at the light house there were more artworks...

Obrestad lighthouse

The poem/video-installation "what if"by Lemn Sissay: "Let. Me. Get. This. Right: What if we got it wrong?" It was a strong piece.

Cool video-installation / photo-art by Antti Laitinen, "my island"