Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Money-saving measurments

Oh, I wonder if I'll get many hits on that title? I have decided that I should look over my consumption a bit... it's a fairly common and highly recomendable trend right now, for people to introduce restrictions on mostly clothes-shopping, for economical reasons but maybe even more for environmental reasons and maybe even purely mental. I've been thinking I should do it too. Quit impulse-shopping clothes, save my money for travelling and other treats. I'll get back to this, maybe I'll come up with some kind of strategy. My beloved A does not think I can do it.
Anyway, I'm rambling. My most economic advise: forget your wallet at home. I was a bit bored after work today and took a walk in to the city centre. To do some errands, browse around in the shops a bit - not buying anything, but you know, looking. And to my dismay, I found loads of stuff that I wanted! Not only are there some really, really tempting summer clothes on the bargain racks right now - all the new autumn clothing in store are making the slightly chilly air seem less annoying. I even found some amusing little knick-knacks at Fretex. Where I also found that my wallet was nowhere in my bag. Fortunately I soon remembered that i had changed bags for going grocery shopping after work yesterday, so I didn't get panicked. This is one of the things my eyes fell upon but that did not (yet) get to follow me home.

As I have mentioned before, I'm not overenthusiastic about the range of interior design shops here in Stavanger. At least not when it comes to stores with kind prices. But I think that Åhlen's "City"-series is pretty, and I'm thinking that our living-room windows would look nice with curtains in this fabric... Maybe an even better advice for myself in the future is to stay home instead of go window shopping.

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  1. Try the envelope method:

    It may help you to - as word ver. calles it this time - servive.