Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A new do and a magic yellow bracelet

And so we've reached the middle of yet another week. And what to do with this Mitwoch? Well, I took a stroll in to town ( as I so often do ) and passed some time browsing the shops to see if I could find a nice autumn-y cardigan ( I did) before getting my hair cut at Modo. This is what I came home looking like! You can see why I could not resist taking the shots in the bed room, can't you?

one from the front.... posing with the owls
and one from the side... it's short and I like it!
But what's that thing there? The yellow band? Can it be what I think it is?

Why yes! It's a "Festivalbånd" that gives me access to three days of music at the Rått og Råde festival - starting tomorrow!


  1. Love it :) Kjempefin på håret! Jeg skal på Rått og Råde på lørdag, kanskje vi treffes der ;)

  2. takk takk! Selvfølgelig skal vi treffes på lördag!