Wednesday, 10 August 2011

slow start

This morning I had such a hard time waking up. And annoyingly the dream I had in-between the snoozes, was a pretty trivial one: I dreamt that I was getting ready for school/work and was looking for a whole pair of socks. I ended up picking a pair of light grey woollen ones with black polka-dots. While doing this, and putting hairspray in my hair, I was listening to a radio interview with an actor, and now I'm trying to figure out who he was. I know what he looks like and what kind of character he  played the last /only time I've seen him on TV, but I can't remember in what context - it's so annoying! I'll update you if I find it out.

edit: It was this dude. James Callis. And I can't for my life understand why he played a (minor) character in my dream. I've seen him in Battlestar Galactica, and I neither liked the series or him in particular. But now you know.


  1. Påminner mig om när jag drömde om "Walter Higgins svärson". Jag minns inte längre om jag drömde att jag träffade honom eller letade efter honom... Vem Walter Higgins är har jag ingen aning om - än mindre hans svärson.

  2. Hahaha! Roligt! Jag tror att det var en profetiskt dröm och att du kommer träffa Mr Hggins nån gång i framtiden.