Sunday, 7 August 2011

Swedish Summer - or "vacation 2011 - part 2"

this is a story best told mainly in pictures. Enjoy.

We rented a "cabin" in the Swedish town Strömstad, just on the border to Norway

We were pretty lucky with regards to the weather
We ate almost every meal on the balcony. I've longed for a sturdy breakfast!

My dear friend H and her C came over for the day. Good times
One day we took the ferry to Syd-Koster and rented bikes

I had an awesome green bike. With no gears.
We went to Kosters trädgårdar, a lovely garden
it was sunny
and funny

coffee and cinnamon bun in the sun

then A's parents called, they had sailed their boat to Koster, so we had lunch with them on their boat

and hung out with the cats

And then a week had gone and we took three buses and one plane and a taxi and ended up in the apartment in Stavanger. And I was a bit scared on the flight home but managed to take this picture while landing, even though my hands were shaking. Norway is pretty pretty too.