Sunday, 28 August 2011

dotts and lights

Yesterday I got a package in my mailbox. A polka-dotted tube, with my address written in very neat handwriting. I was pretty sure of the content, but I opened it with great anticipation...

Earlier this week a contacted the very sweet and talented Malin to order a print of one of her amazing illustrations. I've followed her blogs for a while now and love her work. Malin aspires to become a children's book illustrator and I'm sure she'll succeed in that endeavour.

I had already bought a frame for it, but I'm going to try to find a better one. A slightly larger and fancier one I think. The motive is called "Barnaljus" and you can see it better here.


  1. Så himla underligt o fantastiskt på en och samma gång! Tack fina du

  2. Tack själv! Är som sagt inte hundra nöjd med ramen, tänker lite mer guld och kruseduller. Uppdaterar dig om eventuella make-overs! :)

  3. Så himla fint, duktiga Malin! Den gör sig fint hemma hos dig :) Kram