Sunday, 11 September 2011

fall manifesto

A couple of weeks ago I replaced my summer wardrobe with my fall/winter one. I know, it's too early!! But not only did this remind me that colder times are awaiting, it suddenly became very obvious that I have too much clothes. I got a bit embarrassed when I found bag after bag with clothes I had forgotten about tucked away under the bed. So this is what I'm going to do:

- sort out what I don't want any more and give away
- make a list of 5 items that I "need" for this fall and early winter
- limit my clothing-purchases to these 5 items starting today, and ending 3 months from now on the 12th of December
- the 5 items should be well thought through and of good quality
- start using what I actually got, and mix and match better

The reason I'm posting this here is obviously so it will be harder to bale out of this commitment.... And here's the list of my 5 "can-buys":

- warm winter boots
- a pretty coat
- the perfect cardigan
- brown low shoes
- matching set of woolly hat and gloves

Just to not take the fun out of life entirely I'm also allowed to splurge on ONE extra item, whatever it might be, during these 3 months.  But otherwise, no dresses, no skirts.... Wow, I'm already getting cold feet. But think of all the stuff I can do for the money I now spend on heaps and heaps of cheap clothing:

- weekend-trips with loved ones
- going out for dinner with good friends
- spa-treatments!
- art / illustrations made by f.ex  talented bloggers
- fresh flowers
- art supplies and second-hand furniture to make over
- luxurious breakfasts at home

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