Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I want: good shoes

To be honest, I'm not very talented when it comes to buying shoes. This doesn't mean that I have a lack of foot-wear,  it's actually rather the opposite, the problem is that I'm bad at buying practical, long lasting and comfortable shoes. Most of the time I spontaneously buy a pair just because it's cheap and because it almost looks like what I actually want. This has resulted in the fact that I can spend valuable minutes choosing shoes on my way out, staring at the ones I got and not really liking any of them. I know this is a luxury problem, but it has got me thinking about planning my purchases a bit more. Since I have a 30 minutes walk to work and rain isn't uncommon here a pair of sensible shoes is something I need now when autumn is knocking on the door. I want something that can resist a bit of rain and that will look good with a skirt or dress. Here are a couple I've been looking at:

Dee, from Vagabond

Grace, from Vagabond

Leslie, from Vagabond
Kenna Short Boot, from Pieces

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