Sunday, 25 September 2011

the Norwegification

It's slowly creeping on, the Norwegification. I've now lived here for over two years, and I can feel it now, the longing for long walks in the mountains, the yearning after cold nights in a tent, the hunger for wet hikes and exhausting kayak tours. It's been a long time since I did something out-doorsy now, today for example has mostly been spent with A in the couch watching episode after episode of one of my favourite TV-series (Supernatural), so now the desire for fresh air and weather is particularly strong.
The Norwegification also manifests in a physical way. Here's what I look like after a trip to Sandnes yesterday, where I made use of a gift-certificate I got from my job before summer... (and no - I do not see this is cheating on my shopping-limitations...) Now I'm all set for tough weather and rough terrain - bring it on!

fancy-pants by Fjällräven, garishly green shirt by Haglöf

and a Black Dimond 50 litres Back pack - soooo pretty!

"ut på tur, aldrig sur!"


  1. Oi, så fint turutstyr! Nå såg du skikkelig norsk ut :)

  2. I know! Nu må jeg bare komme meg ut...

  3. Ja, det var det da, ikje alltid nordmenn er så godt til det som de vil ha det til... :)
    Kjekt du var tilbake, og med ny flott header! Trodde du hadde droppet hele bloggen der en stund ;)

  4. nej da, det har bare värt en lit trött uke... :)