Sunday, 4 September 2011

rått og råde - day 3

I had bought tickets for the whole three days of the festival, but I skipped the Friday's entertainments to stay home in the couch and have a Discovery Channel marathon with A instead. But yesterday I met up with some people to see among others Veronica Maggio and Kaizers Orchestra. I'm a bit disappointed with the Maggio concert - she sounded good, but it was so short! Her plane had been delayed or something, but I think it was a bit annoying that she wasn't allowed to play a full program. Still, what she played was good. I also watched a couple of songs with Norwegian reggae artist Admiral P - sort of fun, and Jan Olav Nilsen og gjengen was OK. Pendulum put on a good show. Best this evening though was the start of the Kaizers show, awesome intro and extremely good atmosphere, you could tell that this was what people had been waiting for. I actually left before the show was over though, to not get stuck with 15.000 other people wanting to catch the bus, and then I met up with A and O in town for a beer.

Veronica Maggio

Portaloo - necessary evil

Kaizers Orchestra


  1. Kaizers var rått! Kjekt å treffe deg, synd vi ikke fant hverandre igjen under konserten. Vi må snakkest snart! P.S. nye kunstutstillinger på Hå nå :)

  2. det var kjempekjekt! Jeg prövte å ringe deg og sende melding, men det er jo som der er på konsert... Hå til helgen kanskje? :)