Friday, 2 September 2011

rått og råde review

Going to a music-festival on a week-day is a bit weird. Not bad weird, but weird. In the way that I got tired at nine and was not at all dressed for standing in mud for ours. But so was no one else! R&R facion this year: super short jeans-shorts, lace t-shirt and wedges. Anyway, the evening started out with amazing weather and happy people, you can't hope for more!


Anywho - over to the essential part of this post - the music!

First concert: Håkan Hellström


Wow, this was some serious nostaligia! I started listening to Håkan 12 years ago, as a teenager. Håkan came on stage dressed in a black see-through t-shirt and a top hat with a feather, very stylish. And he was as charming, energetic and enthusiastic as when I saw him at Liseberg 10 years ago. Too bad the audience wasn't really all that big and did not shout and sing along as much as he deserved, plus he seemed to have some microphone issues. He came back for two extra numbers, amongst them Känn ingen sorg för mig Göteborg which was the best song in this show, along with Kom igen Lena. Classics. Made me happy.

Second consert: 50 cent


No, I did not really pay much attention to this one, just hanging around in the outskirts of the ever growing sea of people. Not my cup of tea. And my feet were starting to get cold. 50's side kick totally shouted him down with all of the "put your hands up" and "yo! yo!". But it's really nice to see all of the kids that were there with their parents. Family friendly! This tiny little girl standing next to me while waiting for the ever lasting sound check to end starts jumping up and down and screaming "fifty, fifty!" as soon as a sound technician enters the stage. Cute.

Third concert - Robyn

(Well, actually I watched about 3 minutes of a Kelis show as well, she was good)
This was the show I had the highest expectations on this evening. She so inspiring. She has such impressive style and dances like a maniac! And the songs are awesome! It was great! Terrific! See how I loose every sense of eloquence while describing the concert? Unfortunately I discovered that I'm not all that good at being part of a audience - all of the annoying people shoving me this way and that, waving around cigarettes and plastic glasses brimful of beer above my head (yes I'm short) made me push myself out of the prime location in the middle of the crowd just in front of the scene - before the concert even started. Turns out I could see even better from a distance... and the music was still splendid.

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