Sunday, 4 September 2011

schools out

Working really have its perks, and working as an architect has the advantage that things actually get built after you have decided how they should be, and then you can say to your friends in a offhand way "yeah, I did that". Unfortunately the realisation of drawings actually take some time, and since I have not worked for that many years (ca 3) those words have not really come from my mouth that many times... yet. Anyway, as I said, working really has its benefits, but I loved studying. It suits me perfectly. And going trough some pictures on one of my photo backup CD's I found some from my fourth year of my Architect-studies. Since I have a policy of not displaying pictures of people (unless I ask first) I'm not posting my favourite ones- the ones with the fabulous people I studied with. I miss them very much.

the surprisingly un-inspiring architects-building
language course for the exchange students (and ourselves) on the blackboard in our studio
my lamp at my desk, with the "fika-scehule"
The atrium, students projects on display.
fashion-show with outfits that describe the genius loci of selected places in Göteborg

one of many temporary art installations

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