Monday, 17 October 2011

Amsterdam, yes please

I week ago I came home from a trip to Amsterdam with my work. I had such a great time! Not only do I have fabulous colleagues, I also got to see some of the best things (in my field) that this cool city has to offer. Here follows a selection of the ca 700 pictures I took during the four days...

yes, it's pretty
Onesize - raw materials and beautiful light in this studio
well organised food-court in De Bijenkorf
colourful meeting area in Spaces
re-recyclable office interior - Nothing
And there were some time for shopping...

...and for lunch, at Momo
We visited the show room of Moooi. Love it
More Moooi

We went on a boat tour
We ate some really great food in a fabulous restaurant
And we visited the show room of Materia. Lots of fabrics and textures...

 This is examples of 3D-printing
you just got to touch everything
wood is good
At the Henieken Experinece they had a ceiling made of bottles. Pretty.
And at their bar I thought about trying to order a Guinness but I didn't dare in the end.

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