Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween, yes indeed

To be honest, I did not feel al that creative when I first started planning my outfit for this years Halloween-party. Maybe A's very ambitious idea made me feel performance anxiety? I had some vague ideas about being a two-headed monster, but in the end I made my decision after watching this tutorial on Youtube. Of course I was going as Edward Scissorhands!

Since I saw this movie for the first time back in 1998 it has been a favourite of mine, and as it was the first Tim Burton movie I saw it's where my infatuation of his work began. Anyway, this felt as a perfect choice for costume, and an easy one.Turned out pretty good, I think!

Our apartment was turned into a workshop before the party, where A assembled his costume, I sprayed my hair black and our friend T turned green.

Ed, a decapitated monk and Princess Fiona.
And then we were off to the party! The place was beautifully decorated with pumpkins, a smoke machine, nasty food-stuff and in a corner stood R2D2 and projected scary silent movies from the 1920s. People had really cool costumes - my favourites were the two guys dressed up as Luke Skywalker and one of the Sand-people. Actually, come to think of it, there really was quite a lot of  Star Wars-themed things going on... Anyway, it was a really fun night!

Awesome costume!

We danced a bit to this song. Actually Weird Al was a recurring feature this night.
dancing  Luke with hippie-hair
A had his arms full so having a drink was a bit tricky...
fuzzy but still sharp!
silent movies make good art
Please excuse the horrible quality of the photos in this post, I'll try to improve...

Interesting to know maybe, is that black hairspray should not be used on bleached hair...  After washing my hair 6 times my high-lights are still grey. But it actually looks rather good!

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