Sunday, 2 October 2011

there and back again

A while back me and my mum decided that it was high time for another mini-weekend in Oslo. And now that weekend has come and passed! Here's the weekend in pictures, once again taken with my iPhone, since I did not feel like carrying my Nicon around for such a short trip...

Friday: I came by air and the I landed at Gardemoen
beautiful Norway from the airport train
bubbles awaited my arrival in the hotel room
power centre
dinner at Lofoten Fiskereastaurang. Salmon x 3
and a drink
Saturday: walking in parts of Oslo we have not seen before
Experiencing Optimism

And walking in parts we've seen several times
hunting for second hand treasures. Unsuccessfully.
It's autumn in the capital.
Visiting DogA (Design and Architecture centre.)
Exhibition about Spanish architecture

I love looking at architectural models, but I hate making them. Oh the horror!
And finishing off with a lovely mushroom soup. Autumn-y!

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