Monday, 21 November 2011

DIY: just another flowerpot

The other day I ran in to a flower-sale at my local super market. Honestly, it's at this store where I buy most of my plants, even though they quite often look a bit sad. But I'm not afraid of a challenge. Anyway, this time I bought - among a bunch of other stuff - an orange Marguerite complete with pot and all for the reasonable prise of 9.90 NOK.


The pot itself turned out to be pretty far away from what I usually go for when it comes to pots so I decided to give it a make-over. Enter the decoupage-glue. And all kinds of decorative textile-paper-stuff. Hard to chose.

Since I've noticed that I have a tendency to buy flowers in a pink or purple colour-scheme lately I went with the one to the right.

A generous coat of glue later, and this is the result. Easy-peasy. You can do anything with decoupage-glue. Anything!

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