Friday, 9 December 2011


I've kept the Christmas decoration at home pretty simple this year. And I say "I" since the other resident of this abode has no real interest in decoration what so ever, so it's pretty much up to me to decide. No red, no Santa, no reindeer. Well honestly, I could not resist a couple of reindeer... It actually feels good knowing how easy it will be to restore the apartment to its natural state in the beginning of January.... Anyway, here's some details!

Ceramic princess Leia and the robot candle-holder is now accompanied by a white Christmas star

A gingerbread-house and a hyacinth - at least it smells like Christmas!

Crying girl and two of my white beasts got some red and green m&m's. Lucky them.

And here's what I spend my friday night doing... Can't wait to decorate these, it's the best part of baking

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