Thursday, 1 December 2011

In the calm of the woods

At times I just want to curl up under a blanket in a small cabin far away from civilisation. Lucky for me my friend H invited me and E and M for a weekend in just such a place, to spend some quality time. Since I only meet these old friends of mine about once a year I thought it was a terribly good idea.

So I went travelling by taxi, plane and bus x 2 for 6,5 hours to be picked up by H in Strömstad. And then we indulgeed in relaxation, conversation, good food and old memories for a while. Some of the topics that were discussed: economy, physics, knowledge, bad haircuts, E-type and education. Good times!


We managed to select a very interesting weekend when it comes to weather and woke up on Sunday morning to the sounds of wind tearing down the house. Or at least almost. We actually got away with just a couple of hours of  power outage. And the flight home was not as bad as I had feared.


This should be our new tradition, right?

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  1. Of course it can, or will, be a new tradition!