Saturday, 4 February 2012

the best thing

The first thing A said to me when he called to tell me we'd won the bid for the house was: "So, what kind of cat should we get?". Truly the best thing about moving in to our own place is that we finally can get a cat. Or two. We're still deciding between having an outdoor cat or an indoor, if we chose the latter (which would be more convenient if we decide to change country in a couple of years) we're probably getting two. So now I'm googling breeds and trying to make up my mind. For me, it's now down to Ragdoll or Norwegian forest cat. Both big and furry, but the Norwegian is a bit more active then the lazy doll. We'll see.

Norwegian Forest Cat . Image from:
Ragdoll. Image from:

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  1. Kjøpt hus???? Gratulerer så mye! Kjekt at du har begynt å blogge igjen :)