Thursday, 2 February 2012

new topic

Soooo, remember how I have complained about not really knowing what to write about here? That I've felt the blog has no real focus or actual themes? I've been pondering this issue and came up with a solution. So we bought a house! So from now on anyone interested in finding out what a Swedish architect/interior designer will do with a tiny house from the early 20th century in the middle of Stavanger - you're welcome back here the following month/years...

Well, I'm very happy about these news, hope you'll be happy with the "new" blog.

Just to add to all of these happy feelings I'm posting this lovely an very appropriate song and video. Maybe I'll colour my hair red and fill the house with animals too? It's not at all unlikely.


  1. What!? Grattis! Berätta mer! Kram

  2. Ett hus, det blev ett hus! Mer info kommer när kontraktet är skrivet...:)