Friday, 17 February 2012


We celebrated Valentines Day this year in a spectacular way. We signed the contract for our house. So now it's definitely official! We wont get access to it for about 6 weeks, but at least now I feel I can start planning for real. I'm making color and material mood boards, sketch out different kitchen solutions and discuss various renovation ideas with my colleagues. It's fun.
Anyway, now that it's official I feel I dare share some details about our home to be. And I'll do that by comparing it with my "must haves" and "dream of"-lists for when we started looking for an apartment.

Must haves and dream ofs:

a balcony
Well. It doesn't have a balcony. It's got a frecking garden! It's tiny, but still. And there's a white picked fence too. Go figure. 

at least as big as our current apartment
Hehe. Our new house is actually smaller then our current apartment. But that's fine. It's just a couple of m2.

pretty close to the city centre
It's not close, it's in the city centre. Wooop wooop! I never have to wait for the bus after a night on the town again! Or at least, for as long as we live here...

An open fireplace

a bed room big enough for a king size bed. And being able to walk around it without banging my shins on the frame. Check. There's even a full wall of clothing storage in it. Great!

separate kitchen
Check. Since I'm not all that fond of cooking I don't want to be reminded of that every time I try to relax in the living room, so I've never really like the open plan kitchen solutions.

some fun but sort of easy renovation projects. We're going to do something about the outdated kitchen, and probably paint pretty much every wall, so yes, we've got some projects to look forward to. Good for the blog, I'm hoping for some awesome before- and after pictures! And I'm just happy I can finally paint the walls and hang whatever I want on them, after renting for the last 7 years.

lots of storage space Not as much as in our apartment, but there's a tiny storage shed in the back yard. Otherwise we just have to plan a bit better... eeeeh

OK, so there's a few things that could have made this the absolute dream house, like a bathtub or a walk in closet, but honestly I still think this is almost to good to be true. Now I just have to fight the anxiety that something will happen that will prevent us from moving there, even if I can't for my life figure out what that would be.

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