Monday, 23 April 2012

check, check, check

Today's Outfit: Green sock with paint.stains. Trendy.

I've had a remarkable productive day at the house! I had a very ambitious to-do list written down before going to the house after work, and didn't really expect that I would manage to do half of the stuff on it, but I left just before nine and had checked all of the things from my list! The living-room is now painted in the right colour of blue, (or so I hope, I must check in daylight tomorrow...) I painted some details in the kitchen that we didn't have time for this weekend and most importantly - I painted the staircase (well, the steps) and the hallway floor. And that was a bit of a challenge I can tell you, that commanded planning skills and deliberation. I had to paint myself in an all to real corner, and actually out of the front door. I didn't really get a good look on the result before leaving, it was a bit dark and I was halfway outside, but from what I could tell it's a pretty huge difference.

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