Thursday, 19 April 2012


I'm still here, we're still working hard on the house and we're making progress! After 10 days of "holiday" over Easter when we really got some stuff done, last week was more of a scouting week when we tried to figure out what to do with the floors in the kitchen and the bedroom and what kitchen appliances to buy, but this weekend my dad came over from Sweden to help us and we got loads of things done in the kitchen! All of the difficult things that I have agonized a bit about is now over and done with, at least almost all of the things. So that's a big relief, thanks Dad!

Today we laid the carpet in the study - really easy, and I got some more painting done... And I bought the first piece of new "furniture" for the house, this white desk-lamp. I'm thinking the study will be very white, very uncluttered and very peaceful... One can hope.

The study: First room to be finished! I can see the end!


  1. tack! Köpte den på alltid lika design-säkra Clas Ohlson! ;)