Sunday, 8 April 2012

What Easter?!

This week has both felt like an eternity and like a short moment. Me and A have spent almost every waking moment working in the new house, and afterwards gone back to the apartment and pretty much just ended up in the couch in front of the TV for the rest of the evening. It was lucky E & B had us over for Easter-dinner last weekend otherwise we wouldn't have celebrated at all!

the to-do-list.
Yesterday we started with the most daunting project in the whole house: the kitchen. I'm a little bit freaked out over the kitchen, and woke up 6:10 this morning and spend the next hours obsessing over how to install all of the new appliances we have yet to buy, wondering if there might be any issues with damp in the floor, and pondering what kind of new floor to go for there. Luckily ma dad is coming over next weekend to help us, and I think some of these issues can be solved then. Until then we have at least started with one of the kitchen projects - painting the cabinets! Or at least, the doors. And we have only just primed them so far, but they already look so much better.

cabinet-doors drying on the living-room floor. Also a sneak-peek of the baby-blue walls we're going to re-paint.

And again, I apologise for the bad photo-quality. I have not brought my camera to the house yet, so this is only iPhone pictures. But on the upside, there will be an even bigger difference when comparing the "before" and "after" pictures.

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