Sunday, 15 July 2012

new dress for Eve

Remember Eve, my phone? Well she started to look a bit battered so I decided to treat her with a new outfit. I found this cover too at Harry Camping in the city centre. This really is one of my favourite shops in Stavanger, they have all kinds of fun stuff. The new cover is from the same manufacturer - La Marelle, but the design is made by an artist called Fabrice Backes that I don't no anything about - but I'll google the name now! I'm so in love with this girl and cat illustration!


  1. I am sure that Eve appreciates her gorgeous new cover! =)

  2. Oj, hon ser precis ut som min kusin! Läskigt!

  3. vilken tjusig kusin du måste ha! Själv är jag väldigt förtjust i tröjan...