Saturday, 28 July 2012

on vacation - day 5-13 (in Sweden)

Being an expat mean that most holidays includes a trip back "home". In my case it means that I try to see as much friends and family that I can in a short period of time, so I move from place to place a bit. This year I was lucky to catch pretty much all the good weather Sweden has had this summer, so it was all good.

I started off visiting my brother M and his S in Stockholm, celebrating his birthday on trying out the fabulous means of transportation Segway.

After an successful trip around Hammarby Sjöstad we had dinner at Döden i Grytan. Nice place, nice people.

During my three days in Stockholm I also got to visit Vaxholm, see Stockholm from a boat, eat some really good food and have drinks with my good friend V at Grand Hotel. All good.

On my way from Stockholm to Gothenburg I stayed for at my grandparents house in Kisa, a quite typical Swedish small town. Very idyllic.

Back on the west-coast I got to spend some time with this awesome guy. All of a sudden he seems so very big compared to the little ones back home in Stavanger!

Apart from hanging out in the green house me and my mom also went horseback riding, on Icelandic horses. That was really great, I haven't been on a horse since I was nine or so, but it worked out fine and I really liked it. Icelandic horses are a good size, too.

I also spend some time with A and his parents in their summerhouse in Bovallstrand on the west coast, but I had to cut that visit a bit short since one of the cats back home became sick. But anyway. 8 eventful days. And then I haven't even written anything about the shopping I did!

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