Sunday, 5 August 2012

last day of the vacation

and I don't even feel very stressed about it.This last week has been dedicated to cuddling with A and the cats in the couch while watching the Olympics, but we have also managed to do most of the stuff on my "To do in the House"-list. Today we finished putting up the curtains we're going to have instead of doors to the wardrobes, and we finally managed to get the door to the kitchen done as well. And then I'm going to plan this weeks outfits and prepare my first week back at work. Since A is starting his weekly commute to Holland this week I'm going to introduce some new routines so it will be easier to fill the days with meaningful things even though I'll be by my self a bit. Well-planned dinners (A usually cooks,) getting up earlier and exercise more are some of the things I hope to make a part of my every day life. We'll see...

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