Tuesday, 16 October 2012


So this weekend I visited A in his work-apartment in Groningen - Holland. I've been to this town before, but now it was nice to see. it again, and especially A's place. The apartement was nice, the weather not always so.

A's apartment is really close to the art-museum, so of course we had to go. We saw two exhibitions, textile sculpures by Yin Xiuzhen, and "Urban Gothic" by Marc Bijl. I liked the first one best - especially her "portable cities" made out of clothes donated from people from each city and incorporating music and maps from each place.

portable city - this is actually Groningen, with the art museum in the river
Urban gothic
We also had time for some good food at Humphrey's and a little bit of shopping during my short stay. Even though going there for a weekend is a little too much traveling for such a short time it was great to get to see where A spends his weeks. Next time I hope I manage to go a time where there's no construction on the railway though...

I added some of my own art at A's fireplace. Magnetic polaroids

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