Friday, 5 October 2012

I won!!

I had a quite long day at work today... important meetings and dead-lines, and I was already tired and stressed in the afternoon when I remembered I had to run out to buy special cat-food for Cricket at the vets. I stood waiting for the bus for quite some time, and I was bored. So I browsed through the recent status updates at on Facebook, which I doesn't use so much. And there I got a verypleasant surprise, that turned my whole afternoon in a much more happy direction:  my favourite blogger Karin announced the winner of a lottery she'd held, and I was the lucky winner! Since the coolness of Karin is huge this is a big deal for me! The price is an Karin-.made illustration with the motive is of the Swedish king so it will be very appropriate when I need to remember the homeland... I already know where to put it. I'm still ridiculously thrilled and due to this I've had a twitch in my right eye-lid for the last six hours.

This is how happy I was, in a changing room, only minutes after I found out. Happy happy :)

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